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‘Trust and obey, for there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.’ The words of this hymn are as true for us today as they were 132 years ago when this was written: ‘Where He sends we will go. Never fear, only trust and obey.’ How is God leading you to trust Him today?

From the home office and around the fields

Our Prayer and Self Denial theme for 2019 is Where God Leads: Māna E Ārahi. Over this year we’ll be telling stories from the places God has called us to. We’ll hear stories of what God has led us to do, and how He is working through, alongside and occasionally despite us! It’s going to be exciting!

I’m also excited as I look forward to 2019, as I believe God will be leading NZBMS in some new and exciting ways in 2019 – and I can’t wait for Him to reveal those things to us.
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But this theme is not just about us doing stuff in certain places. It is also an encouragement to all of us to lift our eyes from the mahi and to focus on the One Who Leads. As we announce Jesus’ reign in word and deed, may we also allow Him to reign within each of our hearts.

This year, God will lead you as you serve Him. May you also allow God to lead you into deeper intimacy with Him.