• Missional Spirit

    Missional Spirit

    Sometimes, when we read the Bible, we are quite good at missing the point! The Pentecost story is a great example. My experience, growing up in the church, is that the story of Pentecost has always been a fraught subject. Read More
  • Partnering with the Holy Spirit

    Partnering with the Holy Spirit

    I have seen that one of life’s most satisfying experiences is watching a broken and confused person receive healing and hope. My observation is that the person of the Holy Spirit is in the mix of such a transformation. Many Read More
  • The Missional Spirit

    The Missional Spirit

    The Holy Spirit ignites, fuels and sustains God’s mission on earth.In fact, the Holy Spirit is essential for mission. Now if that statement is true and if we desire to see God’s mission on earth flourish, then we need to Read More
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