• My Experience of Community

    My Experience of Community

    Six months ago my experience of community was with people I had a lot in common with. We spoke the same language, we shared many favourite foods, pastimes and TV shows, we had similar upbringings and home lives. We often Read More
  • Made New:  Spirit of Community

    Made New: Spirit of Community

    There’s an old Comanche legend called ‘She-Who-Sits-Alone’ that tells of a time of terrible drought, where the land was dying and the people were too. In great desperation the people call out to the Great Spirit– pleading “what do we Read More
  • Stephen’s Story

    Stephen’s Story

    After graduating from school in Mainland China, Stephen* was fortunate to gain a full scholarship to a university in Macau. Six months into his accounting studies he was selected to do a year of his studies at a university abroad. Read More
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