God is weaving a masterpiece and we are all a strand within it.  Our theme for Prayer and Self-Denial 2020 has been derived from the well-known metaphor of a beautifully woven tapestry. Throughout the appeal we have likened the top side of the tapestry to the Kingdom of God, with the bottom side symbolising the messiness of life.

Small change can make a BIG difference

and Mission Boxes are a great way to get behind the work and projects we are involved in


Mission boxes are money boxes that are used to collect the loose change we often find lying around. They serve as a way to remember and financially contribute towards our work overseas. Our suggestion is to keep your mission box in a prominent place where it will prompt you to remember our team overseas and the communities they are a part of.


For the past thirty years, NZ Baptists have been supporting underprivileged children in South Asia through student sponsorship.

The children selected for the programme come from remote village communities or belong to marginalised tribal or ethnic groups. These children are given the opportunity to attend school and receive an excellent education.


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