Early in 2018 Pastor Alastair Hall from Manukau City Baptist Church, joined us on a journey to all of our contexts overseas where our Tranzsend people live and serve. We shared with him, how God is working and leading amongst those to whom we as NZ Baptists have been called, and to witness the part that we as a denomination have to play in the Great Commission. Alastair (known as Arnie) came expectant and open to what God would show him along the way. His reflections are included throughout this Prayer and Self Denial appeal. Come on an adventure with us, as along with Arnie, we explore all of our regions overseas where NZ Baptists are working and witness firsthand the people and the communities they serve.

Small change can make a BIG difference

and Mission Boxes are a great way to get behind the work and projects we are involved in


Mission boxes are money boxes that are used to collect the loose change we often find lying around. They serve as a way to remember and financially contribute towards our work overseas. Our suggestion is to keep your mission box in a prominent place where it will prompt you to remember our team overseas and the communities they are a part of.


For the past thirty years, NZ Baptists have been supporting underprivileged children in South Asia through student sponsorship.

The children selected for the programme come from remote village communities or belong to marginalised tribal or ethnic groups. These children are given the opportunity to attend school and receive an excellent education.


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