• A True Love Story

    A True Love Story

    I've been thinking about new life, and my mind turns to Shrek. Remember that movie, the first one? The lovely princess Fiona was cursed to take on the lugubrious form of a great green ogre until set free by true Read More
  • News from Colin and Tania

    News from Colin and Tania

    In mid-April this year, Colin and Tania, and their two children Georgia and Daniel, will be returning to NZ permanently to live. Below is an excerpt from their latest newsletter: “We have taken a long time to arrive at this Read More
  • Waiting in the spirit

    Waiting in the spirit

    As I write this today I find myself in an interesting space of life. Having visited South Asia and feeling God’s call on my life to do life in another country, I am now in the space of waiting for Read More
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