• Expecting great things from God

    Expecting great things from God

    Three years ago, we stood on the railway platform of our new destination with two suitcases in hand. On the train station wall is written, “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God!”This shows that the local people Read More
  • Obedient Waiting

    Obedient Waiting

    I love Vector, the cartoon supervillain in the Despicable Me movie. He introduces himself by saying, “I go by the name of Vector. It's a mathematical term, represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. Vector! That's me, because Read More
  • Three ways to pray at home

    Three ways to pray at home

    There are limitless ways of praying when we approach prayer as relationship with God. All the different ways we relate to people –doing things together, speaking and listening, silence, appreciating others, imagining what could be – are ways we can be Read More
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