The book of Esther never explicitly mentions the name of God… But this doesn’t mean He isn’t heavily at work behind the scenes!

God uses the most unlikely of characters and situations to bring redemption and hope to entire people groups. His hand is very much present throughout the story of Esther.

In the midst of a global pandemic that carries much uncertainty and hopelessness, does God’s work feel unseen to you?

We feel that God is calling ordinary people, just like us, for such a time as this. A time where He will bring restoration and redemption. A time where we must seek the quiet work of God behind the scenes of a global stage. And a time for us to get on board.

We ask that you take encouragement from the book of Esther and take bold risks for the Kingdom, for such a time as this.


We have four special projects that we invite churches and individuals to consider supporting. These projects range across a number of our ministries in Asia:

Keeping Families Together Programme (South East Asia) A comprehensive programme that aims to strengthen at-risk families. Learn More.

Daily Devotional Reading Project (South East Asia) Creating Christ-centered resources in the local heart language. Learn More.

Christian Literature Centre (South Asia) Publishing biblical commentaries and a monthly magazine for the local people. Learn More.

Subsidising the salary of a woman in a freedom business (South Asia) Covering the salary of a woman who has been empowered to leave the sex trade. Learn More.



For the past thirty years, NZ Baptists have been supporting underprivileged children in South Asia through student sponsorship.

The children selected for the programme come from remote village communities or belong to marginalised tribal or ethnic groups. These children are given the opportunity to attend school and receive an excellent education.


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