For the past thirty years, NZ Baptists have been supporting underprivileged children in South Asia through student sponsorship.

The children selected for the programme come from remote village communities or belong to marginalised tribal or ethnic groups. These children are given the opportunity to attend school and receive an excellent education.

Sponsorship covers the school fees as well as the cost to stay in a in a hostel. With many village children living more than a day’s travel from school, the hostels provide a home-away-from-home, where students are able to live in a caring and supportive Christian environment. 

Students go on from the hostels to do wonderful things! Graduating students from the St. Paul’s hostel have gone on to do further study in nursing, political science, Bachelor of arts and pharmacy. There are also boys who have been able to get a good job earning a better income than most,  income to support themselves.


per month

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Connecting With Your Sponsor Child

Three to four times a year you will receive a letter from your sponsor child and have the chance to write back. They will tell you about their life, family, school or whatever is important to them. You also can share your life with your child. What an amazing opportunity! Here is an example of a previous student’s letter …

You will also be sent a newsletter as a sponsor with updates and stories of what is happening with the programme.

"Meeting our sponsored child was an incredible experience. Her excitement was at the peak as she shared lots of stories while we went around her school and the hostel. I’ve never seen such a broad smile on a child, when she received few simple gifts from NZ; that was so satisfying. The best part was having lunch with her family in their village and then receiving a beautiful Tripuri traditional gift. I feel blessed and can’t wait to visit her again!"


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Student Sponsor, we appreciate it. By sponsoring a student, not only are you investing in a child, but also the villages and communities they come from.


Rebecca Smith
0274 331477

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