Tranzsend is the sending and ministry arm of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society. We work in both urban and rural contexts across several regions and a number of countries in Asia.

We are a community of individuals, couples, and families who live and work in more than eight locations. We work with local and international agencies to engage in education, resourcing, development, church planting, training, and business.

The New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society has been inspiring, resourcing, and mobilising New Zealanders since 1885. Tranzsend is part of that legacy and continues to serve the church in the great commission, helping Baptists go into the world to make disciples.

Tranzsend exists to engage in world mission, and our approach is summarized by three key terms: Reaching, Redeeming, Restoring.


Tranzsend is committed to sharing the gospel with those who have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ.


Tranzsend works within local cultures, seeking a spiritual transformation that honours the believer’s heritage.


Tranzsend ministers to the whole person- physically, emotionally and spiritually.


 Tranzsend is funded by the generosity of churches, support groups, and individuals who give to enable us to do mission. We work hard to ensure that these resources are used to the greatest effect for the Kingdom of God.

There are a variety of opportunities to participate in what Tranzsend are doing through giving. Financial supporters enable the work to continue and open up new avenue to serve and minister.

Team Support

This is a system for regular financial support of one of our staff or regions.

Annual Appeals

Every year we hold two major appeals through the Baptist Churches; our Prayer and Self Denial appeal and Christmas Angel appeal.

Mission Boxes

We have distinctive money boxes for the collection of loose change as offerings for the work of Tranzsend.

Student Sponsorship

Tranzsend supports five hostels in South Asia where children from poor villages are sponsored into education.

Legacies and Gifts

These one-off contributions are a great source of encouragement and enable us to expand the sphere of what God is doing through Tranzsend workers.

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Does God Care for these People?

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