Prayer & Self Denial 2021

The book of Esther never explicitly mentions the name of God… But this doesn’t mean He isn’t heavily at work behind the scenes!

God uses the most unlikely of characters and situations to bring redemption and hope to entire people groups. His hand is very much present throughout the story of Esther.

In the midst of a global pandemic that carries much uncertainty and hopelessness, does God’s work feel unseen to you?

We feel that God is calling ordinary people, just like us, for such a time as this. A time where He will bring restoration and redemption. A time where we must seek the quiet work of God behind the scenes of a global stage. And a time for us to get on board.

We ask that you take encouragement from the book of Esther and take bold risks for the Kingdom, for such a time as this.
Over the course of the appeal we have three sub themes:

1.Identifying the I in Idol: The Haman Habit

Following the story of Haman’s plot against the Jews, this theme looks at the various ways idols distract our focus from the mission of God.  Our motivations, priorities and aspirations drive the ways we live and behave; but when we constantly put ourselves first, others miss out. Let’s be a people who put our love for God and others above anything else

2.Frontline Faithfulness: The Esther Era

Following the story of Esther, this theme explores the role of the church. Churches around the world are on the frontlines; having to respond to the needs of the ever-changing society around them.  Like Esther, churches need to be bold and faithful to the call of God. As members 

3.Going Global: The Mordecai Movement

Following the story of Mordecai, this theme celebrates the importance of those in support roles. We are not all called to leave our homes and serve overseas, however we can all play a part in the growth of the Kingdom. Those who pray, give, and encourage, are just as important as those who go. In what ways will you allow God to use you for His mission?




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