John’s Prayer

Each month we will bring to you a prayer from one of our team. We hope that you will join alongside us in prayer for the people of Asia. This month’s prayer is from John. John and his wife Helen serve in South Asia.

Father, when I walk down some of the streets of the city where I live, there just seems to be millions and millions of people.

Father, it leaves me to wonder, how can we communicate your heart, the person of your Son, and His Kingdom to so many?

Father, open the eyes of the people of South Asia.

Let them see something of the majesty and the wonder and the glory of who you are, and be inspired by the message of your Kingdom.

May they too, discover true peace on the inside.

May they discover a hope that is eternal.

Lord give them ears to hear of the wonder of the things you have done and how that applies to their lives and their families, their communities.

Lord, may transformation take place that is good, that is lasting, and that honours you and gives you respect.

Father, we ask this in the name of your Son Jesus,



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