Daily Devotional Reading

Special Project - South East Asia

In the province where this project is running two languages are spoken- the head language and the heart language. The head language is the official language of the country, whereas the heart language is more commonly used between friends and in the markets.

The purpose of the Daily Devotional Reading project is to create Christ-centred resources in the heart language. It was discovered that through this language locals were better able to connect with the Gospel message. Currently, there are very few resources available. 

A devotional book written by NZ Baptist, Lynley Capon, has been translated into the heart language and are being distributed daily to the local people through a popular messaging app. Devotions are also available via mp3 players for those who can not access the app. 

In a nation where only 1.3% of people identify as Christian, this project is greatly needed.

Estimated Financial Need: 

  •  $330 per month for app running costs
  • $200 for 10 mp3 players



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