Keeping Families Together

Special Project - South East Asia

The Keeping Families Together Programme is a comprehensive programme that aims to strengthen at-risk families. Local leaders are mobilised to serve their communities by caring for orphans, widows, and vulnerable families. The programme has seven key methods:

  • Families increase their knowledge and understanding by attending ten holistic development training modules.
  • Families develop a financial plan to increase their income and decrease their debt.
  • Families improve their health through knowledge and understanding, and receive a health assessment to identify any underlying health issues.
  • Families learn why staying in school is critical to a child's successful future, and receive an educational scholarship during the first year enrolled in the programme.
  • Families implement training learnt through the support they receive during a psychosocial weekly home visit from the KFT staff.
  • Families are supported through bi-monthly family fun social events.
  • Former families receive support and encouragement through a five-year follow up system.

Estimated Financial Need: $1,300 per annum, per family.
(a two year commitment is preferred)



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