Two Languages

When I moved overseas I always knew that becoming fluent in a new language was going to be one of the mountains I had to climb. It was going to be hard and difficult. You see I do not have a natural gifting in language or an ear to hear the tones that one needs to perfect in order to understand and be understood – do not even get me started on the grammar. But because I longed to know the people I live amongst I kept going, painfully slowly at times but trying to keep moving.

So it was very surprising when God opened my heart to not just one language but to a second one. This was a language I knew very little about and it has been such a joy to come to understand the importance of this language – what I call the heart language of the people I work alongside – in all aspects of life, particularly in relationships. It is in this language that G has allowed my heart to be planted and to grow in (still at a turtles pace!).

I came to realise, that there was very little in terms of Christian resources available in this beautiful language but I had observed over time that when this heart language was used in worship, teaching and prayer this was when people were able to engage and delight in God. So taking a daily devotional written in the official language by our colleague Lynley Capon a number of years earlier, I set out to make this resource available to the older people of our community in an audible format and in their own heart language. 

Skip forward two years and we are now at the stage of the project where we are handing out MP3 players with 365 recordings of a Bible passage, a short explanation of it and a song all done in the heart language of the people we serve. We are excited that starting in April the recordings will be distributed via a popular messaging app on people’s smartphones, allowing people of all ages throughout the country to receive the daily recording. 

What has been amazing is how God has worked in all of this. He has taken skills and abilities of many people and allowed this to happen. Our role in this has simply been to join the dots as He leads. Taking a written devotional and passing it into the hands of a capable and passionate YWAM team for translation and recording; meeting another organisation who are partnering with us to distribute the recordings via the app. I am excited about where God will take this project and how He will use it for His purposes and glory.


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