A prayer from a hilltop in South East Asia…

Lord God, what a privilege to be here this morning,
looking across the plains down below.

I am here to acknowledge and honor the holy name of Jesus.

After all, He is the one who fully deserves the praise and worship from this land.

Yet sadly I know that different worship has taken place here.

Yes, village people have been coming up here for many, many, hundreds of years.  They have come to this very hill top to honor something bigger than themselves.

But not you Lord.

Early mornings these many steps up here have seen countless expectant and needy people meander up. They have come to honor different spirits and Buddha statues.

Father, this morning I am here to ask you to have mercy on this vast land. May your Spirit move in fresh ways not seen here before. May the people who feel oppressed and without hope across the plains below, find freedom and true life in Jesus.

Lord, what a privilege to be here this morning. Be magnified!


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