Looking out the window what do I see?

Looking out the window what do I see?

I see the large casino complexes looking back at me, bright colourful lights, neon signs and flashing bill boards beckoning me to come and see.
But, that is not all I see.
Old buildings with crumbling walls, apartment blocks standing tall and plain,
Looking down on crowded streets….people

People I know my God cares for deeply.

I see small alters street-side,  incense burning, an orange, a chicken sitting.
Wishing good luck and good fortune.
Flash, expensive cars, images of opulence, displaying owners fortunes,
for everyone to see.
Life , often a façade – attractive on the outside
Hiding darkness, mistrust,  fear on the inside. 

I know my God loves deeply, such a people as these.

Looking out the window what do I see?

Followers of The Way looking back at me,
Faces bright, a smile, in places where they work,

At home living out their lives with graciousness and love as best they can.
Life can be tough,  discouraging.
In understanding Whose they are, their purpose,
there is Hope

I know my God loves deeply such as these.

Reflection from Neil & Barb


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