Welcome Home Neil & Barb

Recently we welcomed back Neil and Barb to New Zealand. Neil and Barb have served at Oasis International Church in Macau for the last three years, and will be greatly missed by their friends, church family, and community in East Asia.

They arrived home in late January and will be visiting churches and other groups around the New Zealand as they complete a period of final leave, when they will have the opportunity to share with supporters around the country. For those of you who are financially supporting Neil and Barb, it is important to know that they will need you to continue your support of them over this time of final leave. Please lift up Neil and Barb over the coming months and pray for God’s grace and peace in this time of farewell and transition as they settle back into Kiwi life.

In their own words:

... and then there are the people we will miss. The variety of people, cultures, worship styles and thinking. Those from Oasis and those from our local community, some we have known for our three years, and many who have already left, but with whom we have a connection forever; those who are staying who always feel the loss of those leaving, and those who have arrived in recent weeks. Living in this type of environment often creates friendships quickly and deeply. Barb is going to especially miss the International Ladies Bible study group she has been a part of here, as connections are deep and meaningful. All are foreigners in a foreign land.

Arriving in NZ doesn’t see us finishing with Tranzsend until early March, so please don’t stop your support or prayer for us just yet! We look forward to visiting a number of churches and groups to encourage you in your setting, and to help you get a taste of what has been ‘happening’ in this part of the world.

May God encourage, strengthen you and give you His peace as we step into 2019.

In His Service,
Neil & Barb


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