There was once a wealthy land owner in Tripura. His rice fields stretched far and wide.

There came a day when he decided to invite his good neighbours and business friends to a big feast. The colourful and richly decorated invitations were sent out in good time.

The day for the feast came. The Landowner sent out his workers to tell all those invited, that the feast was ready. "Please come. The fat, juicy pig is cooked to perfection. Dishes of the best rice, dahl, vegetables, fish, pork, bamboo shoots, and chutney are all prepared. Dessert of local sweets, along with pineapple, and mango, are all ready.". 

But the first guest said "I have just bought a new paddy land and cannot come". Another said "I have just bought a new tractor for my rice field. I want to try it out so I cannot come". The next said "I have just got married. It was an arranged marriage and I cannot come". Everyone had excuses.

The land owner was not happy. The invited guests had acted badly. Not wanting to waste his food, he sent out his workers again saying "Go quickly into the market squares, invite the day labourers, people who are begging, the low caste, and the disfigured". His employees went out as ordered.

Later, the employees returned and reported to the land owner that they had been through the whole town inviting many people but there was still room.

Again the Landowner said, "Go out through the district, and compel people of all cultural and language backgrounds to come in so that my house may be full. I tell you not one of those who were invited will get a taste of my feast"  

South Asia


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