NZBMS Special Project 2020

COVID19 Relief Appeal

It’s been a tough year. COVID19-induced restrictions have meant businesses and individuals alike are having to adapt to a new way of living and operating.

Here in New Zealand we can be grateful for the caring efforts of New Zealanders, and our government’s quick decision-making. Most of the countries in which NZBMS are present however, are not as fortunate. Our people serve in densely populated, poverty-stricken contexts. Sadly, it is within these conditions that the COVID19 virus is thriving.

More so than the virus itself, the economic and social toll of the virus has left many in a state of anxiety, despair and distress. National lockdowns have meant day-laborers living hand to mouth have been unable to work, and families are hungry.  Children have been unable to attend school and, in remote areas, access to good technology is limited. Hospitals are overrun, and medical staff are overworked.

Since COVID19 hit, our people have been active in their communities, and active for their communities. Families adversely affected by the virus have received food parcels and face masks. School-aged students have received stationery items, and financial assistance has been given where needed.

As New Zealanders we can be proud of the way we have responded to the needs of others over this past year. We have loved and cared for one another in difficult and uneasy times. Now it is time to turn our attention to those who are suffering overseas. Through this COVID19 relief appeal we ask that you would consider giving towards the efforts mentioned above.

Our hope for this appeal is to raise $50,000. Will you help us achieve this goal?

Donations can be made via our website, or contact the NZBMS office on 09 526 8444 or info@nzbms.org.nz for bank account details.  

Below are some details of activities your gift will support:

Woven Life

The economic toll of COVID19 in Thailand is big! The closure of borders at the beginning of April devastated the tourism industry. This resulted in the job losses of millions of people across the country; the majority of who come from rural provinces such as the one in which Woven Life operates.

As part of their COVID19-relief plan, Woven Life have distributed 250 food parcels to their local community, assisted in making face shields for medical staff, and ran the Set2Learn campaign. The Set2Learn campaign raised funds to equip local school-aged students with the stationery items needed to continue with their education. 


When COVID19 hit, Freeset stopped production in their factories, and looked for ways to care for their employees and communities.

Their COVID19 Response Effort included three main objectives: Pay, Protect, Provide.

Pay: Although the factories were closed, employees of the business were paid a full salary from April- June. With many of the men and women being the breadwinners of their family, this ensured families were still able to provide for those in their households.

Protect: With the resources available at the Freeset factory, the business has been able to sew face masks. Many have benefitted from these masks, which have been gifted to the community.

Provide: Freeset have provided over 1500 families with food parcels filled with staple and hard to access food items. These parcels have been gratefully received by the local community, especially in times when the hunger virus poses more of a serious threat than the COVID19 virus itself.

Love Calcutta Arts

Priya, LCA’s General Manager, has been very busy caring for the people of her community. A major effort Priya and the LCA team have been involved in is the distribution of food parcels

The Loyal Workshop

In April, the Loyal Workshop held a virtual 5km run to raise funds for their community. Around 500 people participated in the event. A tremendous feat! Monies raised through the 5km run has been used to feed and protect the people of Bow Bazaar. As part of their COVID19 relief efforts, the Loyal team have distributed 150 food parcels to neighbours in need, 500 face masks (made by Freeset), and in partnership with local NGO Sanlaap, 180 dry ration parcels to families in Bow Bazaar.

Tranzsend Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most highly populated countries in the world. This factor alone has meant the spread of the virus has been fast and cruel. The Tranzsend Bangladesh team reacted quickly, speaking to locals and informing them of ways to prevent the spread of COVID19 within their communities.

To assist local medical personnel, the Tranzsend Bangladesh team have delivered a few hundred pieces of full protective medical suits, and a few thousand face masks to hospitals and clinics.

Tranzsend Bangladesh has also financially supported the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship’s work in educating and supporting affected communities

Tripura Baptist Christian Union (TBCU)

Separated from the rest of India, the introduction of COVID19 into Tripura was gradual and delayed. Current reports however show that the number of cases is rising, and many families are being affected.

COVID19 relief funds given to the TBCU will be distributed amongst their 17 associations where it is estimated the funds will be able to assist 250 families during this time.


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