Charlie’s Prayer

Each month we will bring to you a prayer from one of our team. We hope that you will join alongside us in prayer for the people of Asia.

Almighty God, thank you for the fact that you love us and that you are here.

We want to lift before you our communities. We want to lift before you our people. The places where they go. The streets where they walk. The alleys where they cook their food. The homes that they sleep in.

We pray for single mums with kids, and single dads with kids. We pray for wives with husbands who drink, and for families that are struggling. We pray for your redemptive work to come and empower your Holy Spirit to come and work and strengthen the people to know that you are good, and you are God, and you are for them.

God we pray for the lives that they have led, and the lives that they will lead. And we pray for your mercy and your love to be over them all.



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