Sona’s Story

We are excited to share with you the story of Sona. Sona’s transformation comes from the commitment and outreach of Pastor Baba who lives upriver from Peter and Leonora. God is good, and we faithfully hope for more transformations like this one!

“My name is Sona and I am 14 years old. I have a mother, and a sister who is married. My father left me when I was very little. In August 2019, I received an Operation Christmas Child giftbox containing various beautiful gifts. I felt very special and so happy because I had never received a gift like this before. The Sunday School teacher explained that Jesus sent this gift for me, so I desired to know more about Jesus and started attending the Church here. It was at Church that I came to know that God loves me. I now regularly attend Church. I am changed on the inside, and right throughout my life.

I used to feel alone, but not anymore.

I used to feel irritated, but not anymore.

I used to fight often, but not anymore.

I used to feel insecure because I had no father, but now I am so full of confidence because I have two fathers’- the Heavenly Father, and Pastor Baba.

The local women question, and scold me, but nothing will shake my love for the Lord Jesus!

During a dream, Lord Jesus told me to take a water baptism, but my pastor told me to wait due to my age. In February, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! I am so happy to be in the Lord. I love Jesus with all my heart.”  

Leonora writes, “Sona is so passionate about sharing the Good News! Please pray for her. Her mother does not celebrate her new found faith and seeks to hold her back. It could be an issue if her mother arranges a marriage for her that will take her off track.”


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