Kabita* - A Life Changed

The following story has been taken from an interview with Carley who serves as a teacher at GEMS School in South Asia.

I first met Kabita when she was about 13 years old. She comes from a slum family, and is the youngest of six children; she’s one of the only females in her family. For a long time Kabita didn’t believe in herself or her own ability. She was a very average student, and was very quietly spoken. She was a kid that blended into the background.

If you asked me seven years ago if Kabita would be someone, I would have said “Oh no, she’s just Kabita”. However, as time went on, and different people inputted into her life, Kabita started to change and started to believe in herself.

At one point, she failed her exams and had to re-sit them, but instead of giving up (like a few of the other people in the same position did) she used that as the impetus to really change her life. Just recently Kabita has passed all of her O level exams with flying colours. She is now a self-confident and bright shining light.

After passing her exams, Kabita came to school to say that she wants to be a teacher. She really appreciates all that GEMS has given her and so wants to use her work as a way to help give back. It’s really awesome to see this quiet, timid girl turn into someone who is standing up as a leader, and who is making a real success of her life. It’s just awesome!  

*Name changed


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