Leanora’s Prayer

Each month we will bring to you a prayer from one of our team. We hope that you will join alongside us in prayer for the people of Asia.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the long legacy of New Zealand Baptists reaching out into Asia.

We thank you for the seeds that have been sown, and we thank you Father that we are seeing now, that over many years, those seeds are coming forth. There is a harvest that is ready, and you are the Lord of the harvest. I thank you Father that in this time, the season that we are in now, you are calling us into those fields to reap that harvest.

Lord it is so amazing, as a representative from New Zealand, Aotearoa, to serve you in this mission field. Father, to look out at the harvest and to be a partaker in your mission. Lord it is your work and it’s your mission, and you are calling us to co-labour with you that the harvest may be great.

As we offer to you the little that we have, and the little that we are, we pray that you will bring the multiplication. I thank you Jesus that you use ordinary vessels to work through, so that your Kingdom can come into this needy place. We pray that many will come to see you, and to know you, as their Lord and Saviour.

We thank you for what you’ve done so far Lord, but we desire to see so much more of your work in the coming years as we co-labour with you.

In Jesus name,



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