Christian Literature Centre

Special Project - South Asia

The Christian Literature Centre, based in Chandpur, grew out of a need to produce Christian literature - tracts, books and hymn books - for the people of Bangladesh.  Tracts were integral in evangelism and books necessary for church planting and discipleship.

NZBMS had been publishing a monthly magazine, Nabajug, since 1935 and this new publishing programme was the work of Rev. Bob Alcorn.  It became a key ministry of the NZBMS and Nabajug continues to this day.  This is the only non-denominational Christian magazine in Bangladesh.

The commentary programme began with Rev.  Stuart Avery in the 1970s with the aim of providing 
‘homegrown’ commentaries written for Bangladeshis. This would reflect their worldview and enable the readers to more fully understand the Bible. To provide a commentary on every book of the Bible is a huge undertaking, and finding people to write these is a challenge.  But this still remains a key goal for the CLC.

To cover the costs of CLC in this coming year, please consider contributing: 

  • $5000 per commentary (3 commentaries to be published in upcoming year)
  • $450 per issue of Nabajug (11 issues to be published in the upcoming year)



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