Christmas Angel 2019

This year we invite you to participate in our annual NZBMS Christmas Angel Appeal.

Your prayers, encouragement, and giving have all contributed greatly towards our work across Asia. Together, with God’s guidance and direction, we are speaking and sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into the lives of many people. 

Christmas Angel this year is set around the parable of the Great Feast found in Luke 14, with a specific focus on the forgotten and mistreated. The ones on society’s periphery. Our Tranzsend team serve in communities where many are oppressed and vulnerable. Through our ministries, we are inviting them to the banquet and trusting that through this, Jesus will draw them into relationship with Himself.

This year the NZBMS Christmas Angel appeal is a little bit different. Our team have prepared reflections of what this parable means for their community. Some have written stories, others poems, and others have drawn pictures. Peter in East Asia has written and performed the song ‘Hurry Out’. This is the soundtrack for this year’s Christmas Angel video.

We are thankful that as a body of believers we can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and the joy it brings.

Please partner with us as we invite more people to the banquet this Christmas.


With thanks,

The NZBMS team.


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