A Place Of Learning

For me living and serving the Father overseas seems often to also be a place of learning more about Him and His ways. Rather than just “doing” something for Him, He is teaching me.  

One thing I have been learning is to trust in Him to lead and open doors. It is interesting to look back at the last two and half years. There have been times when we had many activities happening. It felt like things were going really well. But then our regular activities came to an end: we’ve felt that it was time to move on, a village didn’t welcome us anymore because we are followers of the way, the kids that we were teaching didn’t have time anymore because they were getting ready for exams.  

There have been a couple of times when we have been left wondering what do we do now! What a great time to talk to the Father! It has been amazing to see how He has opened doors and led us to new places. Just a few days ago we were in a small Sunday gathering. The last time we went there, was about 7-8 months ago. When we arrived, we noticed about 12 kids hanging around. Talking to the leader of the meeting, he expressed a strong desire to have us to come and teach English to the village kids. We’ll start this Saturday. The very same day, we met a couple at a different location. As a result we are going to their village for a visit this week to see if we can also be part of their community development.

So I am slowly learning to rest in Him more, especially when we run out of ideas and possibilities. He is the Creator and creative God who delights in our impossibilities after all! 

South East Asia


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