Imagine this scene. I’m out early on a Sunday morning with the bird watching club in my Indian city. Fifteen or 20 of us gaze, binoculars in hand, across a pond in a leafy park. You can’t predict bird-watching. We hope to see any species that flickers across water, snapping insects.

What’s that flash of white against the green? An Asian Paradise Flycatcher. He’s only the size of a sparrow but his ribbon tail streams out a further 25cm. Spectacular! I feel a collective upward gasp around me. “Aa-a-ah!” 

The people-reaction delights me along with the bird. I hug to myself the thought, “Yes, we’re Hindus, Muslims and Christians and we all gasp at the beauty my Creator God designed.”

What if that fluttering of a white bird is like the Spirit of God! What if nations will gasp one day at the beauty of our Creator’s work in the lives of people in Asia—changed by the Holy Spirit. Let us pray that for our NZBMS work.

- Beulah Wood


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