Finding Strength through the Power of Prayer

We were approaching busy road in a vehicle driven by a local driver, on our way to the Rail Station. Behind me were four people visiting from New Zealand. We had an appointment with a train in forty minutes.

This main road through this regional city can be so busy, with trucks, buses, and many other vehicles, that the traffic will move slowly. 

I didn’t want to be late for the train.   

While we were approaching the intersection, I pr’d, “L rd, please give the driver wisdom as to which road to take to the train station. Either the Main Road or the indirect route.”

At the intersection, I watched as the driver turned to the right into the Main Road. 

I looked along the Main Road. There was little traffic. Whew!

Within a short space of time we drove to the corner where we turned off to the Rail Station. I realised the L rd had answered my pryr. No traffic jam.

Earlier, I was driving our company vehicle. There were three of us, going to a village to visit the home of one of our staff.

Outside the village, I parked the vehicle, got out of the vehicle, and locked the door. 

But once outside, I realised my mistake. I had locked the keys in the vehicle. I admitted my problem to one of the passengers, and walked around the Force, thinking about our predicament. 

Normally, back in New Zealand I had resources at my disposal to attend to such problems. Not here. 

I pr’d. “Father, please help us.” 

By the time I was back around the vehicle, the other passenger noted that one of the windows was slightly open. With some dexterity, we were able to open the window a little, but not enough to reach inside to the door handle.

By this time about ten people were standing around looking at our predicament.  

One was a slightly built young man. Somehow he climbed up and was able to get his torso in through the window to the point where he could reach for the door handle of one of the doors. 

Our vehicle was now opened. Keys were rescued, and gratitude expressed. 

I realised the L rd had answered my pryr.

Not every pryr of mine unfolds like the above situations. But what I am discovering is that more and more situations are being answered positively as I tell my Father where I need his help. 

When I trust him to provide wisdom for conversations, for help in finding a taxi or a bus home, I discover that my Father in heaven is with me. He led me to this place where we serve, and here, he is my help and my strength.  

- Article by John, a Tranzsend worker in South Asia


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