East Meets West

A few weeks ago I went to the “East Meets West” show to celebrate Chinese New Year in Wellington. The show opened with the Dave Dobbyn song “Welcome Home”.

So welcome home, I bid you welcome, I bid you welcome
Welcome home from the bottom of our hearts
Welcome home, see I made a space for you now
Welcome home from the bottom of our hearts
From the bottom of our hearts

The song talks about welcoming strangers into our country and into our hearts because we are all immigrants in a strange land.  As Dave Dobbyn says, “There but by grace as I offer my hand”.  It made me think about how God welcomes all of us home into his own country.

Does God care for these people? It doesn’t matter who we include as “these people” – New Zealanders, immigrants, those living in countries where Christianity is not welcomed, children, the elderly, the sick, the homeless, those who vote left or right, those who earn or don’t earn, those whose families match society’s norms and those whose don’t – yes, God cares for these people and welcomes them home.  And so should we.

- Reflection from a Tranzsend worker in East Asia


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