We're Committed To Mission

What you think of when you think of mission?

Foreign countries? Language barriers? Cultural adjustments? Prayer covering.

All of this is true. 

But there is also an aspect of missions that is often overlooked. The day to day caring of missions staff, making sure they are supported, financially (and getting that money into the country!), prayerfully and pastorally.

This is the role of both the local sending church and the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society.  It is the underside, the dark side of the moon type of stuff.  Like the oil in your car. You don’t see it, but if it is not there functioning well, then the whole car seizes.

I have been privileged to be on all three sides of the journey; minister of a supporting church, a field worker, and a NZBMS council member.  All of these roles have reinforced  that each area is needed and equally important.  Churches cannot achieve on their own what NZBMS can allow us to do collectively.  NZBMS cannot function without the local churches and the field staff that God calls from those churches.

When you contact the office, they are always willing to help, listen and provide the resources we need as a church.  They will to come you when needed to speak on missions, train people or whatever it is you need.  

This is 1 Corinthians 12ff in action, the body as many parts, and each part, whether visible or not, is vitally important, working together to bring the good news of Jesus wherever He leads us.

- Article by Bruce White, Minister, Avonhead Baptist Church


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