The Part You Play

‘Who am I that God would use me?’ is a question that has been asked time and time again throughout history. It’s a question that rung in the ears of Moses in the very same way that it can ring in the ears of many of us today.

‘Who am I that God would use me?’

When we consider that God knew and cared for us even before we were formed in the womb, that He invested himself in us, that He watches us grow and learn and make choices, the question then becomes ‘Why wouldn’t God use you?’.

As followers of Jesus, we have been set apart. We are different. We are living for eternity. And God uses us as ambassadors for His Kingdom.

The personality traits, skills and experiences that we individually possess do not limit the way that God can use us, instead they are pathways of opportunity that intersect with the journey God is taking us on. God can use all that we offer to bring honour and glory to His name, and hope and restoration to those who deeply need it.

Someone who put up their hand and said “Use me God”, is Jo.

A florist by trade, Jo has been serving in South Asia for the past three years. Currently she works as an Executive Assistant in a freedom business, set up to free women trapped in the sex trade. God is using Jo’s administrative skills and attention to detail to enhance His Kingdom and to bring more people into relationship with Him.

As Jo describes it, “Not everyone can be the person out the front, leading the team, being the voice and the face of an organisation. But the people who do that up-front stuff, need to have people to be in the background keeping the wheels turning, and ensuring that things are taken care of and the next thing is ready to go. It takes time and skill to do admin work, and although admin people are typically not the kind to blow their own horn, we understand the importance of our attention to detail. And so, because I am working out of my strengths, I am serving God. He has given me these abilities, and asked me to use them. Through using them, I serve Him - in the same way that someone who is preaching is serving Him, or someone who is constructing buildings, is serving Him. There is no small, unimportant job in kingdom work - everyone is part of the body, and if everyone does their job, they body functions well and the work continues and moves forward.”

We can be encouraged in the small parts we play as they are part of a bigger picture, a picture that is too great for us to comprehend. Jo is greatly encouraged by the work she is doing; “In my every day work, I am encouraged in my walk with the Lord through seeing the potential in the future. I am privy to a lot of information, including future possibilities, such as staff who are interested in joining us, potential businesses, thoughts and ideas for the next project .. these kinds of things. And so as we work through, journeying along these roads of possibility, I am encouraged to see that there is no shortage of excitement for the work that we are doing. There is no shortage of people who want to be involved somehow, and no shortage of good ideas. God is inspiring people, calling them to be involved in this important work, speaking to them clearly, and I am privileged to see a little of that, and to be constantly reminded that we are not in this alone, and not forgotten. I also get to see some of the difficulties that are encountered by people personally, and by the organisation as a whole. We certainly don't ask for difficulties, but it's so obvious that we are doing the right thing by the difficulties and obstacles that we come up against. The evil one does not want us to succeed, and so there are regularly problems that come up. But as often as there are obstacles, or we feel like we are being dragged down by circumstances or events, there is something encouraging that happens. Something unexpected will happen that reminds us that God is in this, and He is for us. This encourages me no end, knowing that even if it feels like everything is piling up against us, and maybe God has forgotten about us, it becomes blatantly obvious that He hasn't. For me, God is in the small things, even more so than the big things sometimes. For it is a whole lot of small things that make up the big things, and He cares about the details.”

The next time you hear the question ‘Who am I that God would use me?’ ringing in your ears, stop and ask the question ‘Why wouldn’t God use you?’. The part you play now, whether in New Zealand or overseas, will have an eternal significance in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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