Peter & Lynley Are Heading Home

Eleven years ago, Peter and Lynley packed their bags and headed to ‘the land of smiles’; a land they had never been to before. Now the time has come for Peter and Lynley to once again pack their bags and leave their beloved home in South East Asia, this time bound for ‘the land of the long white cloud’.

Having built many long lasting relationships during their time overseas, Peter and Lynley will be greatly missed by both the locals they have been serving, and the Tranzsend team who will continue on with the work Peter and Lynley have been so greatly involved in.

Preaching, teaching and small business enterprise are only a few of the activities that Peter and Lynley have dabbled in during their time overseas; all with the purpose of bringing glory and honour to the One they obediently serve.

Peter and Lynley are quite adamant that this is not the end of their ‘time on the field’. Though their location may be changing, Peter and Lynley are committed to their cause, and are unwavering in their belief that their mission remains the same- to share the Good News of Christ to all those who are willing to listen.

We look forward to seeing all that God has in store for Peter and Lynley when they return to New Zealand this month. Peter and Lynley will spend time travelling the country and meeting with groups and churches for a few months after they return. If you are interested in having Peter and Lynley speak to your group or church, please contact Andrew on (09) 526 8442


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