Memories Flood Back

In September we released an article entitled ‘An Amazing Heritage’. This article shared the story of a family rich with mission history and heritage. For three generations this family have served (and continue to serve) the poor and needy in Asia, all while proudly waving the NZBMS flag.

Earlier this month, sisters Helen and Annie returned to their childhood home in South Asia; together for the first time in many years. It was here that they were greatly encouraged by the Lord’s presence in this place, and His faithfulness to the people they and their parents so affectionately served.

Below Helen and Annie reflect on what it meant to return home and see the fruit of their family’s efforts in this place:

Annie: Childhood memories flooded back as Helen and I walked the compound. Although only an hour flight away - I have only had one short trip back in the 43 years since we had to leave as kids, and that was 15 years ago. To see and hear how dreams have turned into a reality of healthy growing churches, (Brian K Smith’s dream of a church on every hill amongst the Kok-Borok) encourages me no end. It gives me confidence in what we (Freeset) are seeking to do - the vision to see 10,000 set free in South Asia could actually come to reality. It encourages me to see beyond my life and trust for fruit even though I may not see it!

I remain forever grateful for the childhood I had, for parents who taught us to love unconditionally in serving others both overseas and in NZ. I am grateful for their faithfulness to the One we follow, to know my siblings and their families all follow and for each of us now to have one of our own kids now serving overseas; 3rd generation following the call to serve in other lands.

Helen: I am also very grateful for the childhood we had. For some reason the Lord has called us and our husbands to work in this part of the world. Now that we based in South Asia it is wonderful to have Annie and Kerry nearby. It was fun returning to Tripura with Annie, going to the first graduation of the Bachelor of Theology and certificate students at the theological school with her, and showing Annie around the compound. It was special seeing the changes and the house we grew up in. We spent time visiting and reminiscing with childhood friends who have always lived next door to our old house.

Helen and Annie have passionately committed their lives to serving the people of South Asia. Please pray for them as they continue in the work God has placed before them.


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