Wedding Announcement

It is with both joy and sadness that we announce Carolynne, serving in South Asia with GEMS school has recently submitted her resignation to Tranzsend and her work with GEMS School.

Carolynne and Shamon, a local believer, have been pursuing a relationship for some time. The couple have recently set a wedding date in August this year.

In mid-June, at the end of the school year, Carolynne will return to NZ to complete her final leave. In early August, Carolynne will return to South Asia to marry Shamon, and live and work independently of Tranzsend. This is a time of mixed emotions for Carolynne, as she is excited about the future but also sad to leave Tranzsend.

We have been journeying with Carolynne and her team leaders, Ross & Cindy, for some months. Together, we have released Carolynne and invite you to join with us in asking for God’s blessing on her and Shamon and their future together.


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