Tiqvah in South Asia - 2

Tiqvah and Jessica left the comforts of their homes in NZ to spend five weeks in South Asia. Studying to be a teacher, Tiqvah was a great resource to the Tranzsend team. Below in this part two edition of Tiqvah’s experiences, Tiqvah talks about the ways she has been greatly influenced by her time away.

“I believe that this trip has influenced the way I now approach life back here in NZ. I find that I now check myself when I am tempted to get sucked into wanting earthly things. For example, I challenge myself by asking, “Do I really need it?”, as I try to keep myself balanced and in check with what is really important in life. I have learnt that many people in our world live a very simple life. They have so much less and it’s not ‘stuff’ that brings their happiness. It has challenged me to live a simpler life and to be grateful for all that I have; the blessing of my loving family, my home, and the opportunity to study.

I have been challenged during my time away by people who just give handouts to the local people. This is not solving their real problems, instead I have learnt that building relationships is key! Only when we build relationships can we see and identify the true needs.  Even for us in New Zealand, if we want to have a positive influence in peoples’ lives we need to be building relationships as this is what is at the heart of our relational God.

I was greatly influenced by the way people are really living a life of faith where God is so clearly present. It challenges me in how I live my life. I want to have this raw deep faith which sometimes appears to be forgotten living in a consumeristic society where we can have anything we want. I have seen how God has a heart and love for all people of every nation and tongue. His heart breaks for all and He wants all to know him in a deep and personal way. I want to approach life with Him as the centre because God is just as present in dusty, dirty and smelly villages and cities as He is to the world we are accustomed too. I never want to forget what this trip has taught me; what is the most important thing in life?”

Would you go back again?

“Easy question! YES! I would love to go back! It is so hard to leave when the people become like family to you, especially as we lived in a village where some did not even understand that we were leaving. These people have such beautiful, generous hearts, and words cannot suffice to the experiences I had on the trip. I was able to grow both in myself and in God during those five weeks.”


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