Tiqvah in South Asia - 3

In the two parts preceding this article we gained a glimpse of God at work in South Asia through the eyes of Tiqvah. Tiqvah and Jessica left the comforts of her home in NZ to spend five weeks in South Asia; both were a great resource to the Tranzsend team. Below in this final edition of Tiqvah’s experiences, we hear about the fun times she had with our very own Georgia and Daniel.

 “The time spent with Georgia and Daniel was great! It was nice to be able to give a bit of a change of schooling for them. As I was home-schooled and am currently training to be a teacher, it was a great time to step up and be creative. Writing a script for a play, making props and teaching performance techniques was all great fun! I feel that the experience of living in another country and learning another language is truly invaluable to them. There is so much that they can learn that no other child in New Zealand has the opportunity of! Raising goats, learning how to cook, speaking another language! However, this does not mean it is easy being the only two foreign children in a huge mile radius.

The social side is tough when you have not got the friends around you interested in the same things that you are. With all the local children either at school studying in the tough Indian system or at home working for their families, making friends their own age is hard. However, Georgia and Daniel put much effort into the time of schooling we had with them and are doing extremely well; despite the difference of not being in a New Zealand school environment with many children their age and a large spacious classroom with all resources and material available at ready need.

Studying in South Asia is tough on the local kids; it is quite a traditional way of learning with a lot of memorisation and many tests and exams. Teachers must manage huge classes and there are not many students who finish all the years of schooling. So many children from the villages, especially girls, do not even go to school for very long but instead end up working for their families, cooking, cleaning and getting married from a very young age. This is so different to New Zealand’s education system where children by law must go to school until age 16 to get a good education, and where there is a curriculum that has a variety of learning areas and allows for different learning styles. Teachers’ in New Zealand can be creative and innovative. The way we assess our students’ understanding is not limited solely to tests and memorisation.”

We would love more people like Tiqvah to help our wonderful team across Asia.

If Tiqvah’s insights have prompted within you an interest for mission, whether it be for a few weeks or long term, please contact us or call 09 526 8440. We will happily journey with you as we discover where God may be calling you to be, even if only for a season.


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