Introducing Andy & Louise

Let us introduce you to Andy, Louise, Connor and Emilie- our newest short-term recruits. Later this month, Andy, Louise and family will be heading to South Asia where they will be spending a few months learning the local language before joining Paul and Sarah and the team. 

Their bags are packed and they’re ready to go. 

The decision to head overseas has been stirring within Andy and Louise for the past three years; time God has spent confirming to them that this is something that He wants them to do. 

Louise writes, “As our family begin this major transition we know great challenges are inevitable. However, we are encouraged to remember the leading we have felt toward this community and our hope and desire to see freedom, belonging, healing and redemption in this place of great hopelessness. We also know that for all we have to offer the community we’ll be immersed in over the next two years, we’ll have far more to learn about joy and suffering, about ourselves, and about the God we follow.” 

We look forward to hearing more from Andy, Louise and family as they embark on a new journey of hope and freedom with the people of South Asia.


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