A 21st Century Opportunity in Bangladesh

With three million students’ entering the Bangladesh Education System every year, the demand for quality education is high. There is concern however over the limited supply of quality, thought-provoking, resources in Bangladesh classrooms. Currently the curriculum is bound to Bangladesh Government textbooks.

As a way to remedy this concern, a wonderful window of opportunity has opened up for Ross, Cindy, and the team. An opportunity that will be of benefit to millions of students across Bangladesh. 

Authorities have recognised the fantastic contributions our team are making to the education sector in Bangladesh and have provided them an opportunity that is unlike any other in Bangladesh, permission to establish an e-school.

Through the establishment of an e-school, the hope is that the resources will inspire students to think outside the box, facilitate students to apply school-taught concepts in real-life situations, break free from the rote learning methods that are so prevalent, and encourage students to ask questions and think critically. The opportunity to digitalize educational resources not only benefits those who are enrolled in Bangladesh schools, the benefit also applies to those who live in villages with mobile technology or internet access, as a way of “distance learning”. 

This is a mammoth project, and requires help from people all around the globe. 

In order to get this project underway, the team are looking for three different types of digital resources:

1) Explain and teach resources. These are lessons that explain and teach the textbook material chapter by chapter.

2) Exercises. The aim of the exercises is to enable the students to apply the teaching and therefore grasp a greater understanding of the materials. It would be ideal if the exercises were digital or self-marking.

3) Extended learning resources. I.e. Links to existing internet sites that will facilitate in a student’s learning.

All types of digital resources are welcome (visual, videos you tube clips etc), in both English and Bangla. Every resource counts! 

If you are able to help, and have digital resources to share, we encourage you to participate in this great project. In doing so, you will help revolutionize education in Bangladesh in a 21st century way.

For further information or to see the current Bangladesh curriculum, please contact Simon Thomas at  or Ross at rosscindymeyer@gmail.com.


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