Ryan, Sophie, Spencer and Emerson Head Out

Sophie, Ryan, Spencer and Emerson leave this month for South Asia where they will undertake six months of language school, before joining the Freeset team. Sophie writes about how the family is feeling.

“Mama, how will I make friends if I can’t speak the language?” Spencer is 5 years old, and he’s hopeful, yet cautious about the future. He’s preparing to leave behind many things he loves, and he wonders if he’ll find them again in our new home.

The time is fast approaching when we will leave New Zealand and each of us feels some apprehension mixed with our excitement.

God has been so faithful as we have been preparing: sorting, moving, ticking off lists and raising both our prayer and our financial support. His faithfulness gives us a great peace as we face this new and challenging chapter. We feel so grateful for every church, family and individual who has committed to supporting us prayerfully and financially.

We’ve seen our boys strengthen their friendship, as we encourage them to work as a team and support one another. We get a thrill hearing of the work currently being done by the Freeset team, and we’re grateful that our skills can serve in this context.

Ryan will be doing project management and I will be helping to tell the Freeset story, as we contribute to the exciting work that God is doing, bring freedom to many.

God is leading us and we are eager to get stuck into learning a new language and a whole new way of living.


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