2017 Christmas Angel Appeal

We are excited to bring to you this year’s Christmas Angel Appeal. Let us tell you why.

For over twenty years, New Zealand Baptists, in partnership with the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship and Tripura Baptist Christian Union, have been supporting Christian-run hostels within South Asia. 

Through your loving and generous support, children from remote village communities and marginalised tribal groups are now happily going to sleep each night with warm clothes on their backs, food in their stomachs and a roof over their head. Some, for the very first time. 

As part of a New Zealand run sponsorship programme, students are given the opportunity to attain an education they otherwise would not have been able to receive. Each of the students at our five supported hostels are highly treasured and many are selected from first generation Christian families- families who are new in the faith. 

At the end of each school term, the students return to their village communities with new skills and learning that benefits the whole community. The local churches are taught new songs of praise and worship, and are refreshed with new biblical insights. 

Villages are being transformed, and are getting to know God more intimately. Only the Creator of the Universe can mould a community disadvantaged through poverty, into a beautiful God honouring display of His power and sovereignty. We are now seeing a generation of former students graduating as teachers, doctors, pastors and other professions. 

These hostels are just one example of God’s grace and provision for his treasured children. Through the various projects and ministries NZBMS are involved in across Asia, women and children are discovering for themselves the restorative and life-changing nature an encounter with Jesus creates. 

As a Baptist family we have the opportunity to support God’s work in Asia through the NZBMS Christmas Angel Appeal. We invite you to join us, as together participate in God’s story of restoration and transformation. 

Thank you for being a part of God’s story.


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