An Update on Joel and Lizzie

Many of you will be aware of Joel and Lizzie’s exciting news, they’re engaged! Joel and Lizzie each work in a different one of our South Asia freedom businesses, and as an organisation we are thrilled for them both.

Andrew Page, Tranzsend Team Leader writes: We are excited about Joel and Lizzie’s engagement and impending marriage. Joel and Lizzie will return to New Zealand in late November 2017. They will be married in February, and will remain in New Zealand for about a year, during which time they will complete Home Assignment responsibilities and do further study in preparation for their return to the field in late 2018. They will remain on Team Support. Remember them as they prepare for marriage and for further service.

In her latest newsletter Lizzie writes:

“So, Joel and I are getting married! It was the easiest ‘yes’ I ever gave! To many this won’t actually be a surprise because as it turns out, various people had bets on how long it would take for this to eventually happen. I don’t know how much the wagers were but I feel like we should get a cut! As I write this update it is exactly four months until our wedding day and to say that I am excited is the greatest understatement of the year. More than that though, I am incredibly grateful to the Father who has so beautifully and obviously woven mine and Joel’s lives together. Life certainly has taken a few turns that I would not have anticipated when I left New Zealand for South Asia at the start of 2015, however I wouldn’t change any of them for the world, most especially this one! Coming together in joy, faith, adventure and love is pretty epic, and I couldn’t be more stoked on what the future holds for both of us as a family. ” 

We wish Joel and Lizzie all the very best in the upcoming months and they concentrate on preparing for the wedding, and spend time with friends and family in New Zealand.


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