Prayer and Self Denial 2018

We are pleased to announce the theme of our 2018 Prayer and Self Denial Appeal, “Made New”. 

To complement the theme, participating churches will explore the topics of ‘A New Spirit’, ‘A New Perspective’, and ‘A New Generation’. 

The theme Made New is derived from the biblical understanding that when we confess Jesus is Lord we are made new through the work of Christ on the cross and the continuous inner working of the Holy Spirit. To be made new is something that many people pursue. People all around the world are looking for ways to let go of the past, to develop new skills and frames of thinking, and to move forward with an expectant hope of what is to come. A relationship with Jesus offers all these things and more. 

This year, we are using silver offering bowls as our Prayer and Self Denial receptacles. These bowls are customarily used in the Thai New Year festival of Songkran, a festival that has been adopted by the local church as a means to promote the love and Word of God in a familiar and culturally appropriate way. 

We encourage you to partner with us and participate in the 2018 Prayer and Self Denial Appeal. Together we can help spread the Good News to those who are desperate to be made new.


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