Made New: He Auaha Hōu

I love our theme for this year’s Prayer and Self Denial Appeal. Through the year we will be asking different people from here in New Zealand and overseas to share what “Made New: He Auaha Hōu” means to them. I am looking forward to reading their stories.

I have written this article in the week before Christmas. Within my extended family, this year we decided to buy cheap op shop presents. It is amazing what you can find second-hand! This year we have heard a lot about the importance of avoiding waste – perhaps single-use plastic bags will one day become a rare sight indeed. It seems we are a throwaway society that is rediscovering the virtue of recycling and reusing, maintaining and fixing.

In this context, I have been struck by the extravagance of God’s desire to make us anew. He is not interested in recycling and repurposing bits and pieces of us. Rather he promises us a new life. He is not interested in patching up old equipment so he can maximise its usefulness for as long as possible. Rather he has made us a new creation. Everything old has passed away; everything has become new! (2 Cor 5:17). That is quite a claim!

In this New Year, when those of us who still live in hope dust off old resolutions, let us not forget that our God has made, is making, will make new! What would change in our prayers, our relationships, our work and our walk with God if we recognised our Creator God as the God who creates?

Andrew Page
Tranzsend Team Leader


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