Waiting in the spirit

As I write this today I find myself in an interesting space of life. Having visited South Asia and feeling God’s call on my life to do life in another country, I am now in the space of waiting for that life to start. And by waiting I purely mean waiting to physically be there. My work has already started, I am gathering support for myself and for the early childhood centre where I will work. I am networking and developing relationships with people that I will be working with. I am stretching my faith and understanding of what lies ahead and extending my skills as I start to learn the local language. But I am not there yet. And the wait is sometimes hard!

When you feel a part of your heart lies in another place it can be hard not to be there. Yes, NZ, my family and friends hold a part of my heart but I feel like God has gifted some of my heart to a group of people on the other side of the world and I would very much like to share life with them.

As I wait for this life to start, through the hardship, I am grateful. This time is a chance to prepare, a chance to wait and rest for what is to come. The thing that I am most grateful for at this time is the Holy Spirit, who has been the biggest comfort in this time. Romans 8: 26-28 shares how the Spirit intercedes on my behalf, helping me in my weakness when I can’t describe this in between place of loving time with family and friends while wishing to be somewhere else. He provides me with love and support. I can rest in His presences, secure in the knowledge that he knows my heart, my call and that His timing is perfect.

Reflections by Carol who is currently preparing to head out long-term to South Asia


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