News from Colin and Tania

In mid-April this year, Colin and Tania, and their two children Georgia and Daniel, will be returning to NZ permanently to live. Below is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

“We have taken a long time to arrive at this difficult decision... The Boer goat project is now at an exciting stage, following so many hold ups and frustrations. It seems such a crazy time ago!

We recognised two years ago that it was unsustainable for our family to be living here in isolation, with two critical issues being the need for other families and team members to join Freeset in this district, and better schooling solutions. The situation has been especially hard on Georgia and Daniel. Unfortunately, the reality of the last two years has been that the foreign team numbers has dropped further.

The initial four-year lease period on our farm in NZ comes to an end on the 31st May 2018. The couple who have been leasing our farm have done an awesome job during an extremely challenging downturn for the dairy industry, but have decided not to renew the lease. The rental agreement on our home in the village here also expires in April. Georgia will begin High School next year. These factors dictated the timing of our return.”

Please remember Colin, Tania, Georgia and Daniel as they prepare to come home and explore what life in NZ will look like. Remember too the goat project and the community it serves. Colin and Tania are working hard, alongside others in Freeset, to set up things well so that the project continues to bless their community.


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