Faithful Servant- The Need Remains

A poem by John Garwood:

May the love of God lead you out from the safety of self-interest
     Into the excitement of service.
May the grace of God move you beyond what is cautious
     To a love that flies in the face of reason.
May the self-giving Jesus be your guide and in so living, 
     May you find Peace.

The late John Garwood, and his wife Raewyn, served with us during the 70s, 80s and 90s in South Asia. John and Raewyn were two in a long list of many faithful servants who have represented us in that part of the world. As a Baptist movement we accepted that call in 1885.

If you are a Baptist (whether you were born into the Baptist church like I was, or whether you happen to attend a Baptist church right now) this is part of your tradition, your history. These people are part of your whakapapa.

The invitation to go, that we enjoyed then, still exists today.

The need remains.

We are asking God to send out the next generation of workers for the mission field. Are you one of those people?

Andrew Page
Tranzsend Team Leader


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