Partnering with the Holy Spirit

I have seen that one of life’s most satisfying experiences is watching a broken and confused person receive healing and hope. My observation is that the person of the Holy Spirit is in the mix of such a transformation.

Many times, such a change comes about when disciples of Jesus are sent from their comfortable and familiar places to people in need of hope and healing, whether next door or some faraway place. That’s my take on what is means to be Missional – to be sent to communicate hope and healing/restoration of relationship with the creator.

The Holy Spirit was sent to accompany us on such an adventure. He was sent to help, empower and equip, supernaturally.

The Holy Spirit is sending us to people Jesus wants to see restored to the Father, healed, set free, and in turn equipped to go tell others about all the Lord has done. (See Mark 5:15-21)

When we accept the Holy Spirit in all His presence and power, with all His grace and love, we multiply the options. When we shut out aspects of the Holy Spirit’s mission to help us, we limit the options for healing, hope, and restoration of relationship to the Heavenly Father.

The challenge for us from a western, scientific, sceptical culture is learning the language and the ways of the mission orientated Holy Spirit. In the west we prefer life to be orderly, well set out, and under control. Our helper from heaven is unseen, untameable, and relational. While He understands our language and culture, we often don’t understand His.

Coming to terms with the command of Jesus to go, also means accepting the Spirit, sent to equip and empower us in a Gospel kind of way. Jesus showed us how to serve. It’s risky, supernatural, sacrificial, and powerful.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit is an amazing adventure.

Reflection written by John. 
John serves with his wife Helen in South Asia.


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