Lift Off

The entire Tranzsend team are excited to announce that Carol is now heading to South Asia. With her needed financial support raised, and after many months of preparation, Carol leaves for South Asia on Thursday 21 June.

Recently we sat down with Carol to have a chat about her hopes and dreams for the incredible adventure that lies ahead as she follows God’s call to leave the comforts of home and move to South Asia long-term.

What are you most excited about as you head out?
“I’m most looking forward to forming new relationships with the locals and their children, and seeing those relationships grow and deepen, and being able to share understandings and perspectives together, and just ‘do life’ with the people I meet. Connecting with and investing in others is a huge part of what I’m looking forward to.”

What will you be doing in South Asia? Who will you be working with?
“I’m going to be working at Freeset, pioneering an Early-Childhood Education programme and training local teachers in the centre. We will be teaching kids at a young age to approach learning differently. The educational model we’ll be using focuses on developing confidence, self-worth, and problem-solving skills through play-based learning.”

Why is Education important?
“Education has the potential to completely change the course of a family’s destiny. Studies have shown that it takes 4 years of primary school education to prevent a child being trafficked. 4 years is not that much, yet for that child and their family it truly has the potential to change the course of their entire lives. Education gives communities in South Asia an opportunity to experience a different way of life, giving them hope for a better future, and equipping them with practical tools to free themselves from the cycle of debilitating poverty that is the number one reason for trafficking in this region.

What starts as a positive change in one child’s life by attending school becomes a ripple effect outwards, bringing hope to their entire family. In our communities in South Asia we see firsthand the incredible potential education has to bring generational transformation for entire families and communities.”

What are you passionate about seeing God do?
“I would love to see families change. To see people have hope for a different way of life and make positive steps to leave the bondage of prostitution. I’m really encouraged by stories out of Freeset where we are now seeing the children of some of the very first women that were offered freedom actually go to University, something their mothers who were once enslaved in prostitution could never have dreamed of. What Freeset is doing in giving these women other options to make a living is changing the destiny of their children and grandchildren. We are seeing generational transformation start to happen and that’s exciting!

I really want to see change in communities. I’d love to see a societal change that starts with children. I’d love to see God within this community and that sense of freedom that only comes through Christ. I want to be able to step back and see God at work, rather than people at work. I want to be able to say ‘you know what – God did this – and there’s nothing that we could have said or done that would have made this happen.’ ”

What is a wild dream that you would love to see happen in your lifetime?
“I would love to see children from my Early Childhood Centre graduate from University. To see children that were born in a brothel, with no hope and limited prospects, transformed into young people who are achieving their potential and realizing their dreams. Young leaders of the next generation who have the potential to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, and influential members of society that can inform change.

We’ve seen it happen in the past. Even in the last 150 years, we have seen huge changes in society and huge breakthroughs in human rights and freedoms. There is potential for change wherever you are. My dream would be to see that level of change in South Asia and to see a time when red light districts such as the one I’m going to, no longer exist because there’s no longer a need for them. To see that communities can transform and that the people within them get to choose how they live. That these red light areas get shut down because some of the root causes have been addressed.”

These are wild dreams, but these are the dreams that God wants us to be dreaming.


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