Spiritual Transformation

Our desire and our commission, is to go and make disciples. Of course, the transformation we are seeking rarely happens overnight. That is why people like Murray are so important to our work overseas. Totara like Murray stand as examples of godliness both to our team and those our team serve.

Murray has always been a supporter of our work.

Murray, along with his wife Jenny and their two daughters, first served with Tranzsend in Papua New Guinea. He was Station Manager of Tekin, then one of the busiest private airfields in the country. From 1980 to 1982, they ran the station. This meant managing radio communication, air traffic control, building maintenance and development. They advised the local church on their commercial activities, providing the finances the church needed to develop their ministries and mission. In addition, they visited local congregations and taught in the Pastors School.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Murray and Jenny actively pursued their passion for God’s mission overseas as senders and supporters.

After Jenny’s passing, Murray has been serving with us overseas once again. Since late 2014 he has served with Freeset in South Asia. From the outset, he has been a significant part of the team. Just as in Papua New Guinea, Murray has offered important and invaluable practical skills and experience.  But more than this, Murray has brought a quiet wisdom, and has been a source of strength to many. We are grateful that he has been involved in building foundations and refreshing buildings, but he has also done this in the lives of many around him too.

At the end of September, Murray’s time at Freeset will come to an end. After considerable thought and prayer, and in consultation with both Freeset and Tranzsend’s leaders, he feels the time is right. As this totara of the faith is uprooted from South Asia, and returns to home soil, he will be missed. But we are sure that those who will flourish in the gap he leaves will be inspired by the Christ-like shadow he cast on those who walked alongside him.

Andrew Page
Tranzsend Team Leader


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