Unclean No More

With deep sadness in her voice, my friend crossed her arms, leaned forward and said, “They loved me for my body but not for me...”. The pain of retelling her life story is evident but I am so grateful that she does. For in telling it again and again she shows her passion and courage - her commitment to those still trapped in the sex-trade.

This is a woman who knows what it means to be free herself. With pride and absolutely no shame, she says, “Jesus has set me free. I can hold my head up high”. Her smile radiates love and warmth. A woman who knows herself and her past but is not defined by that, but rather is secure in the knowledge that she is known and loved by God. She is unclean no more – forgiven and free.

Reminds me of the story in Luke 7: 36-50......

Reflection written by Annie.
Annie serves in a freedom business with her husband Kerry in South Asia.


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