Heading Home

Returning to New Zealand later in 2018, after significant service in South Asia, are Gary and Heather. Gary and Heather have been integral in the running of one of our key businesses in a major city in the region.

“We will be returning to New Zealand around the end of September, after nearly four and a half years overseas. We believe that the time has come to finish our time in South Asia. This decision is an outcome of a number of discussions with the leadership of both Tranzsend and our sending church. Together with them, we have concluded that the business we are involved in is moving into a new stage in its life cycle and our work there is now complete. Also, we believe that the next step in our diesel plant dream lies outside of Tranzsend, at this time. This is obviously a difficult decision, given the work we have done in running the business, and this city and its people have become our second home and family. We are expecting to leave around the end of September. Before then, our focus is on the necessary restructuring to enable the business to continue smoothly after we have left.”

A note from Andrew, Tranzsend Team Leader:

We are grateful for all Gary and Heather have offered to our work in South Asia. The entire business team, other colleagues, and local friends will miss them, but we are sure that the foundations they have laid and are still building will set up this business well for the next phase of its life as an enterprise established to be a light on a hill.
After Gary and Heather return to New Zealand, they will complete a period of final leave, when they will have the opportunity to share with supporters around the country. For those of you who are financially supporting Gary and Heather, it is important to know that they will need you to continue your support of them over that time of final leave. I will write to you with more information closer to the time.
Please lift up Gary & Heather over the coming months and pray for God’s grace and peace in this time of farewell and transition as they make arrangements to return home to NZ.

Andrew Page
Tranzsend Team Leader


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