A Minute of Appreciation for Colin and Tania

At Hui earlier in November, we recommissioned Colin and Tania back to life and service in New Zealand. Here is the Minute of Appreciation we read to honour and acknowledge their service with us.

On behalf of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, NZBMS wishes to acknowledge the overseas missionary service of Colin, Tania, Georgia and Daniel, sent from Bethlehem Baptist Church, and we move this minute of appreciation.

In April 2018, Colin and Tania completed three and a half years’ service with NZBMS in South Asia.

Colin and Tania, sacrificially served the people of their village. Colin focused on developing income generation projects for the sake of the community, exploring growing moringa, and setting up a goat project to improve the quality and number of goats owned by families in the village. Tania, whilst leading the home schooling of Georgia and Daniel, reached out to the village. Together, Colin and Tania provided training, resources and support to poor families. At times, they intervened to stop girls being trafficked.

The people of the village were initially very suspicious of the motivations of these foreigners. Colin and Tania’s gentle witness has changed the way the name of Jesus is viewed. One practical example is that, thanks to Bethlehem Baptist, the community now boasts a fantastic playground for their children.

As we acknowledge Colin and Tania, we must also acknowledge Georgia and Daniel. These three years were difficult for the children. Friends were rare, even though Daniel had plenty of playmates when the cricket bat came out. We are grateful to God that the children did make friends, and that God has planted some unique seeds in their young lives. We continue to pray that God will bring forth a full harvest in Georgia and Daniel’s lives in time.

We join Colin and Tania in praising God that their roles were taken up by a local couple, Manik and Milli, and that Colin and Tania are still able to provide advice to ensure the ongoing success of the goat project. It is good to be able to say “Mate atu he tētēkura, ka whakaeke mai he tētēkura.” (As one frond perishes, another grows in its place.)

We, your Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you Colin, Tania, Georgia and Daniel, for the way you have represented us and we wish you every blessing for the future.


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