A Minute of Appreciation for Gary and Heather

At Hui earlier in November, we recommissioned Gary and Heather back to life and service in New Zealand. Here is the Minute of Appreciation we read to honour and acknowledge their service with us.

On behalf of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand, NZBMS wishes to acknowledge the overseas missionary service of Gary and Heather, sent from Eastgate Christian Centre, and we move this minute of appreciation.

Gary and Heather returned to New Zealand in October 2018, completing 4 years’ service as long-term workers with Tranzsend.

Gary’s technical expertise has been invaluable in the ongoing development of Dimensions, our engineering business in South Asia. They cared deeply for the wellbeing of the staff and their families. Heather also spent time upskilling the staff by teaching them English.

During this time they have faced some significant storms which they have navigated with courage and grace; the murder of some of their foreman’s family by an ex-employee, a significant downturn in the generator rental market after the terrorist attack of 2016, growing competition from other businesses and a landlady who created trouble as they moved Dimensions from one site to another. Through these and other situations, Gary and Heather showed wisdom and compassion.

While Gary and Heather were not able to fulfil their dream of developing bio-diesel plants for the developing world, they continue to trust God for this dream.

In addition to their service within the business, Gary and Heather made significant commitments to language learning, and actively served in their local church.

There is a whakataukī that says, “Tohaina ō painga ke te ao.” (Share your gifts with the world.) Thank you for doing that while you served with Tranzsend. We know your call to service is not over.

We acknowledge too, Gary and Heather’s family here in New Zealand. At times, it has been hard for Gary and Heather to be away from them. We are grateful for the time God has now given to Gary and Heather to enjoy their children and grandchildren.

We, your Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you for the way you have faithfully represented us and we wish you every blessing for the future.


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