Merry Christmas From Tranzsend

The decorations are up in the office, I’m subjecting everyone to my Christmas music playlist, and it seems like every other event is a Christmas party. About the only thing that is different this year is that I’ve actually got a lot of my present shopping done already – though no doubt I’ll end up shopping last minute even so…

Leading into the Christmas season, my Life Group watched a short video on Jesus’ birth. An event that was far more simple and humble than our modern day celebration of Jesus’ birth, and yet at the same time, far, far more magnificent. Yet, even though many of our traditions feel like an exercise in missing the point, the great story of the incarnation is there for us to discover and delight in once again. It truly is a wonderful time of the year!

Thank you for joining with our team overseas, as they learn to incarnate this same story in fresh ways. Through your prayers, you are joining them as they celebrate and share the story of Jesus. 

On behalf of our team, in Aotearoa and overseas, thank you for your support of Tranzsend in 2018.

Our last day in the office will be Friday 21 December; we open again on Thursday 3 January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Andrew Page
Team Leader - Tranzsend


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